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Web Development


India is a land of dharma, karma, hopes and aspirations. This country is growing towards digitalization and globalization very rapidly. Indian technical minds and skills are being praised by the entire world. Let us see how web development technologies are ruling in Indian technological market nowadays.


When we create websites using web programming languages and codes which will run on the platform of worldwide website this process is known as the web development process. GreenBorn Infotech is one of the leading web development agency in India, which provides various web development services.

We can see that a web development company in India divides the whole web development process into two parts-

  • Front End Development or Client-Side Development
  • Back End Development or Server Side Development

Front End Development:Front-end web development alludes to building what a client sees when they load a web application or web page – the substance, plan and how you communicate with it. This is being designed with three codes – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a unique code for ‘increasing’ message so as to transform it into a page. Each website page on the net is written in HTML, and it will shape the foundation of any website.

On the contrary, CSS is known as Cascading Style Sheets, it is a code for setting style rules for the presence of website pages. CSS handles the corrective side of the web. At long last, JavaScript is a scripting language that is generally used to add usefulness and intelligence to site pages. All the custom website development agencies in India will have special web design or front-end development team to design the structure of the websites according to clients’ demands.

Back End Development:On the other hand, back-end web development controls what goes on in the background of a website or web application. A back-end regularly utilizes a database to produce the front-end.

Here’s a model. Let’s assume you sign into your Facebook record, and you are welcomed with the most recent updates in your News Feed. They’re not going to be similar updates that you saw yesterday.

How did the page change? Did a Facebook worker physically alter the page to refresh your news channel? Obviously not. Content on the Facebook back-end would have gotten the updates and re-produced the front-end likewise.

We write back-end contents using various coding language and frameworks, for example,

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl

Without broadly expounding, that is actually everything to web improvement. So now, here are the most ideal approaches to begin learning it.

There is a good number of web development agencies in India which are doing a good job as far as web development is concerned. They are including full stack and main-stack and micro-stack web development technologies and frameworks while developing different types of websites.

They are catering to each and every industry to which they are providing their world-class web development services in India.

In this regards, if you are looking forward to developing a professional or personal or eCommerce website then you should consider hiring a custom website development agency in India, which will take care of both the parts front end development and backend development along with maintenance of your website.


What is Dynamic Website Development?

A dynamic website changes along with changes in data, information, time zone, language etc. A dynamic website will have a database reserved at the server side and when a call goes to the server for a particular webpage it will get generated instantly by gathering data or information from that server-side database and will serve the webpage to the end user.

In India there are good technical workforces available in the marketplace who build and develop good dynamic websites.

As a well-known dynamic website development agency in India, GreenBorn Infotech has made a remarkable impression on its clients. If you are looking to develop a dynamic website then you have several options available with us in case of technology such as- PHP, JavaSrcipt, Advanced PHP etc.


What is Static Website Development?

Static website development is not so much complex as dynamic website development. Static websites are written in a hypertext markup language or HTML and CSS.

Static websites are very easy to maintain. Here the web pages are static in nature that means when the end user call for a webpage the server will return the same webpage as it is without any change in content or data or information.

There are a lot of skilful web designers and web developers existing in India who are working hard towards to build magnificent websites for their clients. Web development services in India is quite affordable than other countries in the world, might be this is the reason that most of the outside countries prefer to choose Indian web development companies as their technological partners.

At GreenBorn Infotech we have got very efficient web design and web development team who will create you’re demanding static websites within a very short time frame. That is the reason our existing clients always refer us as the best static website development agency in India.


PHP website development has got into another level in India. As we all know that PHP is a server-side scripting language that a PHP developer uses to automate the several functions of a website. But nowadays there is a craze in Indian PHP developers to experiment PHP scripts along with AI applications.

What is PHP Website Development?

What is PHP?
Hypertext Processor or PHP is an open source, server-side scripting language that is being used to develop web applications.

While we use HTML and CSS for front end design and development on the contrary we use PHP codes in the backend development to automate all the functions. As the most innovative PHP website development company in India, GreenBorn Infotech always maintain the brand standard very strictly while developing and delivering PHP web development services.

You should consider a website in PHP when you are thinking to build a larger website along with many complicated functions. Without the help of PHP developing a big website is almost impossible in whichever framework you are using.

PHP codes simplify the long code writing process and automate the entire execution process very smoothly. You have the option to choose among many available PHP frameworks. PHP frameworks can be of two types full-stack and micro-stack web frameworks that are available to PHP developers. Most of the web development agencies in India will have strong technical teams which will have sound knowledge in main-stack and full-stack web development.

Importance of PHP:

  • PHP is a scripting language which helps in to automate the entire functionality of a website.
  • In PHP web development works better with the server-side database.
  • PHP codes can protect your website in a better way.
  • Unit testing is being performed smoothly by PHP web developers.
  • PHP codes and scripts speed up the web development process.

So, if you are planning to build an eCommerce website or any type of larger websites then you should look for a good PHP website development company in India.


Web development has taken another level of expression from the time in India when various CMS frameworks are being introduced. Web designers and developers have leveraged the process of web development to a great extent.

What is CMS?

Content Management System or CMS helps to manage and maintain a website in an effective manner. Web Content Management Systems makes the tasks easy for a website owner to post, update and edit his website.

What is CMS Website Development?

In any web development company in India, the developers can develop a website keeping in mind the content management system framework, wherein they will develop the entire website based on that CMS framework adaptability that you fill easier to handle and manage and monitor. This type of CMS based websites helps you to manage your content very smoothly.

Types of CMS:GreenBorn Infotech is a very recognised CMS website development company in India.There are various types of CMS frameworks are available in the market place which can be used to develop a full-fledged website from the scratch level. These CMS frameworks are- WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. Among all these CMS frameworks WordPress has got more popularity in the field of web technology services.


So if you are planning to gear up your business and taking it to online to capture the global market or you might be a young chap who is chasing his dream to establish a startup, what so ever your stand is, the ultimate goal is to expand the business globally and to get number of leads and conversions.

In India the young generation is moving towards getting financial freedom by choosing the startup business it’s happening because the Indian government has expanded its business policy and made the business process easy to encourage innovations, experiments, research and development. We can take the evolution of web development services in India as an example in this aspect.

Above all they have made several financial schemes and business strategies to motivate the tech-minded people in India to chase their dreams of building IT business. In this regards the spheres of web technology service based business is expanding vividly. Various web-based frameworks such as- WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, all are hugely in use now in the web development process.

What is WordPress Website Development?

WordPress is the most demanding CMS or content management system in the web world. It is very useful for small enterprise and start-up business. Many business owners who have never been thought to take their business online because of extreme tech phobia, at last, have changed their min into 360 degrees because of the WordPress content management system.

A web designer and developer at first design and develop a website using various coding language and supportive platform after that they integrate the entire website with a content management system as an example WordPressetc; so that the end user can handle, maintain and monitor the website on his own without any technical complications. Many web development agencies in India are providing WordPress framework based web development services at an affordable price.

Importance of WordPress:

Easy to Manage:
Wordpress content management system is very easy to handle. You will have full control over your website once you have integrated your website with WordPress.

SEO Friendly:
Wordpress is an SEO friendly content management system. It helps to a great extent to improve your search engine optimization factors.

Customizable Design:
You can customize your website design accordingly if necessary.


At GreenBorn Infotech we have got extremely skilful developers who are well trained and experienced in developing customize WordPress based websites.

The developers will develop your WordPress them according to your choice and will add all the essential functionalities that are needed for your business development.

Not only that our experts are available to train you in managing WordPress sites. Apart from that, we provide 24 hours maintenance service for 365 days to resolve your website related issues. GreenBorn Infotech has made its astonishing presence as a unique web development company in India.


eCommerce business has created lot of opportunities for the young generation in India. Here in India 79% of eCommerce business is surrounded by travel and tourism business and rest of it distributed to grocery, handlooms, transports and food related businesses. Might be this is the reason that there is a massive demand for eCommerce web development company in India.

What is eCommerce?

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce involves all type of activities or actions that take place using internet and intent based devices and gadgets.

When you do business through a platform which will work only on internet, which can involve buying or selling of products and services then you are doing an ecommerce business.

E-commerce also involves internet banking, payment gateways, online ticketing, online auctions etc.

An eCommerce web development company in India should have got experienced and skillful web design and web development workforce which has got in hand practical development knowledge preferably in using different ecommerce framework such as- WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc.


Developing an ecommerce website is a challenging job for any eCommerce web development company in India.

Because, it needs lot of skills, knowledge and work experience. There are various types of ecommerce business models existing in this segment such as- B2B, B2C, C2C etc.

An ecommerce website developer should know the business type, business requirement and ecommerce business model type thoroughly before starting an ecommerce website development project. In this regards he needs to have kick-off meetings with the client several times to clarify all the aspects of the particular ecommerce project.

Based on clients’ needs and demands the web development team needs to specify the technological frameworks, do’s and don’ts and definitely the time span to get finished the entire project work. An eCommerce website development company in India should maintain a quality service standard and after sales service protocols.


  • GreenBorn Infotech has got immensely skilful , knowledgeable and experienced workforce.
  • We have got special web design and web development technical consultants who are dedicatedly working on ecommerce web development projects.
  • We have got goodwill in the market as a professional eCommerce website development company in India.
  • Providing you the best quality is our mission.
  • Our service rate is stupendously competitive.
  • We do provide maintenance service to our clients.


  • At GreenBorn Infotech you will get quality service and skilled workforce at very affordable rate that is quite reasonable comparing to any other country all over the world.
  • Apart from that we do give priority to our outsource clients as far as project delivery is concerned.
  • We do have special package rates and offers for our foreign clients.