The accompanying terms and conditions apply to all the services provided by GreenBorn Infotech to its existing and potential clients.

1. Acknowledgement

  • It isn’t important for any Client to have marked an acknowledgement of these terms and conditions for them to apply. In the event that a client acknowledges a statement, at that point, the client will be esteemed to have fulfilled themselves with regards to the terms applying and have acknowledged these terms and conditions in full.
  • It would be ideal if you perused these terms and conditions cautiously. Any buy or utilization of our services infers that you have perused and acknowledged our terms and conditions.

2. Charges & Payment Criteria

  • The quotations for services to be given by GreenBorn Infotech will be communicated via e-mails at the initial stage. The quotation rate will be valid until 5 days. GreenBorn Infotech has got all the authority to adjust or change the quotation after the expiry of the 30 days.
  • The client has got the flexibility to pay the total project amount into four installments, which are being divided by 25% at each level, let us see how you can divide installments-

1st Installment: On the contract signing day. This is 25% of the total project amount.

2nd Installment: On the day of the 1st presentation. This is 25% of the rest of 75%.

3rd Installment: On the day of the 2nd presentation. This is 25% of the rest of 50%.

4th and Final Installment: You have to clear all the balance payment on final presentation day. On the final presentation day, you have to provide us with a Go-Live day. Without clearing the balance payments we would not be able to transfer the website on the clients’ server.

Note: We provide 7 days of maintenance and monitoring of website at free of cost.


  • We divide our project design and development process into 3 phases.

Pre-Project Kick-off Meetings

Pre-Scheduled Meetings during Project

Go-Live and Post Project Stage.

  • At this phase, there will be 4 kick off meetings before signing the project contract paper along with the final project blueprint.

1st Kick off Meeting:
We will discuss -project type, technical aspects, project requirements etc.

2nd Kick off Meeting:
We will finalize the project blueprint, project duration, project quotation.

3rd Kick off Meeting:
At this stage, the client needs to make final changes in the project blueprint if any.

4th Kick off Meeting:
Closing the project and signing the project contract paper along with the final project blueprint.

  • Scheduled Meeting.

During the project development process, the client can meet our technical team only through a scheduled meeting. Scheduled meetings during the project progress time will not be restricted by numbers.

  • Go-Live and Post-Project Stage.

Our technical team will be available all the time on Go-Live day. We provide free support for the next 7 days after the Go-Live day, for full-fledged project design and development only.


  • The price quotes will be evaluated depending on your project requirements and the time frame of delivery. It is been suggested to the clients to complete all the major and minor change requests before signing the final project contract. Because after signing the finalized project if you pass any kind of change request then that will be entertained only on extra charge basis.
  • You need to acknowledge the quoted price via email, based on which we will generate the final project contract, which will then be sealed and signed by both the parties. We will provide a hard copy of the contract paper to our clients.
  • Clients should make sure that they have provided us with all their necessary requirements and clarifications regarding the desired project design and development before finalizing and signing up the contract. At a later stage, if a disparity emerges, it might prompt extra expenses to suit the changes.
  • GreenBorn Infotech is responsible for those services that are being included in our website; we are not liable to provide any beyond the project service.
  • Each and every technical person who is involved in project work has got predefined working hours so minor changes might be incorporated inside the apportioned hours. But if any change is being requested by the client after signing the final project blueprint then they have to convey an extra charge for that.
  • We are bound to deliver the project within the expected time frame. Any kind of project delivery delay from our side will include a certain amount of discount on project price or a free service package keeping in mind all the applicable terms and conditions.
  • If any delay takes place from clients’ side which may expand or cross the project delivery date, then the client must have to convey extra expenses which will be charged on an hourly basis based on project work type.
  • If the project suffers by any virus or bug attack during the project or within 7 days after finishing the project work then we will not charge any extra amount to rectify that.
  • We don’t entertain any minor or major change request during the project work or after Go-Live, once you have signed the final contract. But if time permits then we can consider your change request which will cost you extra expenses and which will be charged on an hourly basis based on change and project type.
  • The client should provide all the website design and development related credentials well in advance to avoid the delay in project work.
  • The client will be given 2 days to pass the essential access permits and credentials of website, analytics etc to our technical team after the project signing day. The more day you take to pass the access credentials the more day will be added to the project delivery day.
  • We test our ongoing projects tried: Firefox, Chrome and Safari. On the off chance that you expect testing to be done on some other program if it’s not too much trouble told us ahead of time.
  • We test responsive web pages on- iPhones and Android Phones. But if you want to test it on any other devices apart from the above options let us know in prior.
  • We don’t provide hosting and domain facility. But if you want us to assist you to buy your preferable domain and hosting service we will help you with that but in that case, you have to convey all the extra expenses.
  • Please note that at any phase if you slow down or pause the project work suddenly without any prior information more than 30 days then you have to convey an administration charge of $50/week apart from your project cost. In case if you need to hold the project for any urgent crisis then you should let us know in prior in writing evidence. And before holding you have to clear the entire balance amount.
  • The codes (excluding open source programming) of GreenBorn Infotech are secured by copyrights. The codes can only be handed over to the clients only after clearing the entire balance amount. Depending on the prerequisite that the codes are utilized just for use or alteration or for re-use or for further development of the same project and for the same. Under no situation, the codes will be permitted to be utilized for re-selling or duplication purposes. Such kind of activity may push you through under legal harassment.
  • GreenBorn Infotech will not be responsible for any third party component purchase expenses such as- SSL Certificates, Payment Gateways, Google Adwords, Other Paid Advertisement Expenses, Any third party software, Plug-in licenses, Licenses of online tools etc.
  • GreenBorn Infotech will not be responsible for updating and maintaining open source products such as- WordPress, Open Source Carts, Joomla or any third party software after delivering the final project. But you can opt for our maintenance service on monthly charge basis.
  • Domain registration, domain renewal charges, hosting charges are not included in the project quote. You will have to pay extra charges for those services.
  • We test all of our clients’ projects on our own hosting sites and servers. We cannot transfer or upload the final project on the clients’ site until the time they clear the balance project amount.
  • All communications will be done via emails. So it is our clients’ responsibility to update us with their active e-mail address.
  • Once we are done with all the project design and development part you will be called for a final review at this stage any type of new minor and major change will be charged separately at an hourly basis.
  • You have to provide us with a Go-Live date on final review day.


  • If your website doesn’t get listed within first 1-10 Search Engine Results Pages then you are nowhere in the game. Let us see our results based SEO & Digital Marketing terms and conditions.
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Packages are for at least a 6 months’ time span. You are not allowed to break the SEO & Digital Marketing contract within that time period. And all the packages include.
  • They might be charged on a month to month basis or at a time or by easy instalments based on project criteria. The monthly payment package is payable by the first of every month consistently.
  • Paid advertising package cost will depend on clients’ budget.
  • This package rates don’t include third party software charges and marketing expenses.
  • Any additional hours utilized might be charged independently.
  • Any extra job outside the package service will be charged separately.
  • The results of SEO and Digital Marketing depend on several search engines’ algorithms which is a time consuming subject so if you don’t get your expected results within the expected time period then no need to get upset about it because we follow the entire process following all the search engine rules which is very scientific and authentic which ensures a definite positive outcome, no matter how much time it takes for the search engine bots to absorb the all SEO and Digital Marketing implementations.
  • Once we have got your SEO and Digital Marketing project we start our implementations on an immediate basis and provide you reports regularly to update you about the project work.
  • As the result starts showing after a few days once we implement all the SEO parameters, that’s why you need to wait for some time to get the expected results.
  • The SEO and Digital Marketing project amount must be paid in advance and it is not refundable.


  • For full-fledged project work, you need to pay the amount in 4 instalments as mentioned above.
  • For maintenance projects, the amount is payable by the first of every month consistently. We unequivocally prescribe our customers to have a direct debit set-up to avoid any late fee.
  • You will be charged an administration charge of $5 for late payment or bounce of payment of monthly installments.
  • As the results of SEO and Digital Marketing, are unpredictable and uncertain that is why we don’t promise or guarantee for any exact result status.
  • There won’t be any refund of charges related to SEO and digital Marketing Pages.


  • SEO and Digital Marketing packages for a minimum of 6 months and you are not allowed to break the contract within this time period. After 6 months if you wish you can terminate the contract but for that, you have to inform us issuing one-month prior notice before the starting of the 6th month.


  • All the annual maintenance packages are for 12 months.
  • Annual maintenance packages might include – website, e-mail and DNS hosting apart from main project maintenance, that will depend on which type of maintenance package have you chosen.
  • The payment must be paid on the 1st of every month.
  • There will be an administration or late fee of $5 in case of late payment.
  • The annual maintenance package includes website maintenance tasks only. It does not include web site design or redesign or any kind of web development tasks.
  • It does not include full-fledged SEO and Digital marketing Activities, Business Analysis, Business Solutions.
  • Annual maintenance package include only- maintenance, monitoring and supporting your website technically.
  • You need to notify one month before if you are planning to close any maintenance package that you have availed after completing the existing maintenance project tenure.
  • As all our maintenance packages are for 1 year so you can close or renew your project maintenance package after that time period by notifying us via e-mail or direct calls.


  • In case of any kind of dispute done by the client in that case GreenBorn Infotech – reserves rights to charge the full amount for which the project work has already been done and an additional penalty charge for the damage that has been made for that particular dispute.
  • In any point of time, we reserve the right to refuse to provide any service to our clients which is illegal, unethical and against our operating principles and policies.
  • GIT gives its administrations as seems to be, with no certifications on security or different issues prompting the loss of information, deal or notoriety. We guarantee as well as could be expected that our frameworks and servers are shielded from programmers, infections, gatecrashers and other on the web and disconnected issues, anyway we won’t be liable for any disturbance of administrations if such circumstance emerges.
  • GIT won’t be liable for any break of the understanding which is brought about by an issue past its sensible control including however not restricted to Act of God, fire, lightning, blast, war, issue, flood, earth shudder, modern debates (regardless of whether including their workers), very serious climate, or demonstrations of nearby or focal government or other skilled experts.


  • Hosting is a yearly charge which must be paid in advance for the entire year. But if the customer is under one of our Maintenance bundles then he/she will have to according to his/her package terms and conditions.
  • It is the customer’s duty to recharge the facilitating in time, before the expiry date. Inability to recharge in time can prompt loss of records, information, messages, and reinforcements and so on. All unpaid hosting is incapacitated or erased from the server.
  • All renewals must be paid by seven working days preceding the expiry date. GIT won’t be responsible for service cut or late fee charge against deferred instalment.
  • Hosting on shared and non-shared servers facilitated by means of third gathering suppliers. GIT guarantees best to our capacity that our frameworks and servers are shielded from programmers, infections, interlopers and other on the web and disconnected issues, anyway we won’t be held subject for any interruption of administrations if such circumstance emerges.
  • Customer is exclusively in charge of the substance put away on and served by the facilitating administration acquired and the movement of any contents or email administrations made under the facilitating administration. The Customer must keep up the security of all record passwords and applications or contents and guarantee all contents under the facilitating administration are free from a malignant substance that may hurt any piece of the Server, other customer records facilitated, or the outside frameworks of guests seeing the facilitated substance.
  • In case of a malware assault, GIT claims all authority to erase documents on the facilitating administration without giving any earlier notice.


  • Hosting Cancellation solicitations must be sent recorded as a hard copy or by email one month preceding the expiry of the equivalent. When the facilitating has been reestablished, it can’t be dropped and should be paid for the entire year.
  • On the off chance that the facilitating isn’t paid and reestablished before the expiry date. We maintain all authority to cripple the facilitating and all related administrations including messages and DNS records. Extra charges will be appropriate to re-empower the facilitating. The neural connection won’t be in charge of any loss of information, documents, messages, reinforcements, reclamation costs and so forth.
  • In the event that a facilitating has been dropped/incapacitated, at that point, all documents, messages, databases and reinforcements will be erased from the server with no notice to the customer.
  • When all solicitations are paid, it is a customer’s obligation to demand the records subject to the beneath.
  • GIT claims copyrights of all codes composed for any customer, except if courses of action are made before the beginning of the undertaking. GIT warrants a permit to utilize any custom fabricated programming for the customer, for their utilization as it were. This permit is conceded while paying for facilitating.


  • All messages are to be downloaded on the customer’s PC intermittently. Email boxes must be kept inside their portion limits. Periodical upkeep might be completed on the email box and messages more seasoned than a half year are erased.
  • Customers must not utilize the email facilitating for wrong substance and other undesired messages which can bring about spamming or contaminating the server. Under such conditions, the quick move will be made and the required documents and information will be erased with no earlier notice.
  • GIT offer bundles in co-appointment with outsider suppliers. Changes to the outside supplier’s guidelines and strategies may at last impact the administrations we give or the terms and conditions thus.
  • Hosting is on shared and non-shared servers facilitated by means of third get-together suppliers. GIT guarantees best to our capacity that our frameworks and servers are shielded from programmers, infections, gatecrashers and other on the web and disconnected issues, anyway we won’t be held subject for any disturbance of administrations if such circumstance emerges.


  • We are not responsible for booking, maintaining and handling any domains. The client is entirely responsible for the booking of their own domains. In case any client needs help from us to buy domain we are always at their service.


  • All substance of this site is a property of GreenBorn Infotech, maintains whatever authority is needed to change the substance or strategies with no earlier notice.
  • The undertaking related copyrights can be moved to the customer at an extra expense, after the full installment of the project and after marking the Certificate of Acceptance. GIT overall holds the rights to decline the exchange of possession if unpredictable conditions emerge.
  • Copyrights gave over to the customer do exclude rights to re-utilize the code for another site or exchange the programming codes for any business or non-business purposes. On account of business rebuilding or possession change, responsibility for a site might be moved to start with one proprietor then onto the next. New proprietors are not permitted to exchange or re-use for any business or non-business reason.
  • In an occasion of a Webmaster change, webpage proprietors are not permitted to show the credits to the new site, except if such time that the site usefulness and appearance are changed by over half of our unique work.
  • “GreenBorn Infotech” has got the legal rights to use this particular- Name, Logo, Images and everything that is an asset and entity of this company. In case of any bridge, the suspect will be punished according to the law of the state.
  • Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Sub-temporary workers and some other outsider association or individual are not permitted to utilize GreenBorn Infotech’- trademarks including the name, logo and image in any capacity whatsoever without composed consent from us.
  • All rights of this company, its other brands and websites are exclusively and legally reserved by GreenBorn Infotech.